Current Through the Wire

by The Breaking

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Go Gently 03:50
when the stars above refuse to shine when this love shall leave this heart of mine when all the streams shall run blood red and all the trees and flowers are dead I'll go gently lover while you leave me when all the seas have dried up like the shore time for you and me shall be no more until that day or that good night I'll rage the dying of the light then I'll go gently lover while you leave me then when heaven and earth shall be reborn the stone has rolled away the veil is torn and all the souls begin to rise and shine like diamonds in the sky I'll weep gently lover while you greet me but I won't go gently lover while you leave me
life such a fragile thing like the first buds of spring that flourish forth in glorious bloom but winter's coming soon tonight I'll give my heart to you like it could be our last time under the harvest moon and welcome what comes next death such eternal rest and we tirelessly run from it yet at the end it will catch up to claim what's left tonight under the harvest moon we'll welcome what comes next
Oh Sarah 05:25
she's got dreams to spare in the high beams of her stare she caught me unawares pulling lifetimes from the air oh sarah, how does this one end? from the edges of her mind crystalized in time shadows spring to life to dance in the twilight oh sarah, how does this one end? never met a girl who believed like this never knew a soul living on the edge never heard a sound pounding in my chest before oh sarah never had a dream 'til I followed it found I was asleep in the life I lived awakening in me is the seed you planted there oh sarah I put my dreams away shelved for another day a life complete to waste and watch my reflection age oh sarah, now's the reckoning
Home 04:21
you walk the road less traveled boots against the gravel crunching through the ease in which you travel really doesn't matter much to you a life that's full of yearning a pilgrim with a burden shouldering proof but home you never turned back on home no matter what your direction was home if ever you walk alone you walk along with us the fear of settling down in every other town was like death to you so all roads lead to roaming the last light of the gloaming passing through this time we'll set our sights drive on through the night in search of truth this house is not our home come rest your weary bones with me like current through the wire smoke to the fire we're flowing the rhythm of the ocean a perpetual motion machine but home you never turned back on home no matter what your direction was home if ever you walk alone you walk along with us with us


released December 3, 2013

All songs by Adam Sweeney
Copyright Adam Sweeney Music 2013 (ASCAP)

Adam Sweeney: acoustic & electric guitars, bass on ‘Go Gently’
and ‘Oh Sarah’, autoharp, dobro, synths, percussion, vocals

Patrick Hughes: drums on ‘Go Gently’, ‘Oh Sarah’, and
‘What Comes Next’

Rian Lewis: drums and bass on ‘Home’

Chris Benson: lead guitar on ‘What Comes Next’ and ‘Home’, bass on 'What Comes Next'

Matthew Casebeer: organ on ‘What Comes Next’ and ‘Home’

Recorded by Adam Sweeney down The Rabbit Hole
Lead guitar and some bass recorded by Chris Benson at Benson Amplification

Mixed by Adam Sweeney down The Rabbit Hole
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion

Design by Adam Sweeney


all rights reserved



The Breaking Portland, Oregon

The Breaking is an alternative rock band from Portland, OR. Adam Sweeney and Tim Karplus mine the rich soundscape of mid-90s guitar pop, influenced by early Radiohead, Oasis, Blur, and R.E.M.

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